Monday, March 17, 2008

Back To Blogging

I haven't been on the blog for quite a while. There are several reasons why and I've been plenty busy. But mostly I just kind of got out of the habit of getting on the computer and coming up with stuff to comment on. The break is over and there is plenty to talk about. Here's a few snippets.

Severance Tax- I don't know what the hold up is but we need to get this done and get it over with. It's evident that any ballot initiative will pass overwhelmingly and I would assume that the producers realize they will be better off if the Governor's proposal is enacted legislatively. I know some legislators seem to be waffling for whatever reason, and they're certainly free to do so, but in the end, I think the votes will be there and a special session is coming soon.

Opponent--I'll have a republican opponent, Evelyn Joyce Bradford, in the general election. She is the same lady who opposed me in the last election. I received 78% of the vote in 2006, but I'm not going to mail it in just because I won easily then. I'll be at all the auctions and knocking on doors, just like last time. I truly enjoy that part of the process. Good luck to Ms. Bradford and let's start our engines.

Personal Note--My good friend Scott Clark, an investigator with the State police, was wounded last Wednesday night in a shoot-out with a murder suspect, who was shot and killed in the fire-fight. I saw Scott at the hospital that night and he was doing ok, considering the circumstances. He is doing fine now, but will need some time to recuperate, both physically and emotionally. Frankie McJunkins, with the Hempstead County Sheriff's Department, and John Bishop of the State police, were also involved. Fortunately, neither was injured but will get a little time off to sort through the emotions of such a traumatic event. I mention this because all three are my friends, and each one is a true professional, who exhibited extraordinary bravery in an extremely tough situation.

Presidential Politics--The waters really seem to be getting muddied as the two Democrats slog through to the convention. Both have lost top campaign aides recently because of perceived slips of the tongue, that in my opinion, really didn't amount to much. However, they should have known better, simply because everybody who works with, or even knows these candidates, will be scrutinized under an intense microscope. It will all sort itself out in the next few months, but still too close to call.

Razorbacks--Arkansas to the sweet sixteen? Seems impossible I know. But I'll say this about this team, they can be very good or really mediocre. Which will it be? Your guess is as good as mine. Here's hoping the team that beat Vanderbilt, a #4 seed, and Tennessee, a #2, will show up against Indiana on Friday.

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