Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tony Sleeps with the Fishes Tonight

That's right. I believe Tony Soprano gets whacked in the series ending episode tonight on HBO. What's more, I think he'll be taken out by his own flesh and blood, as A.J. finally shows the old man he's got what it takes. That's my prediction anyway, and it sounds as good as the one about him going into witness protection. Although it's more feasible to believe Tony will still be living large when it's all said and done. Big movie coming if he makes it through.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Tony getting the ax by A.J. would be the ultimate action taken by A.J. but I do not think he has the guts or the initiative to take his fathers life. I think that Tony will live, but his family will be eliminated. Everything he does has been for himself, he never did anything for his family. The ultimate would be for him to lose his entire family. Keep up the good work Bubba.