Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sports Shorts

Here is my take on last week-ends U.S. Open at Oakmont. First let me say that I love golf. There is nothing I would rather do than settle in and watch one of the majors. But here's the deal, when you see Tiger strolling down the fairway in his skin tight Nike shirt and showing off his pecs and so on , you think to yourself, there is one fine athlete. Then you see the winner, Angel Cabrera, toiling down that same fairway, 30 pounds overweight and draining a pack of smokes. It doesn't do much for the argument that golfers are athletes. You got to love it though, and I do.

Do we really need a poll to tell us 63 percent of the people approve of Houston Nutt's performance as football coach. Listen, the guy was the SEC Coach of the year. Nobody thought he would win 10 games. He played for the SEC championship. His team played in a major bowl. I say get over it and let the people who do the hiring and firing decide who runs things. Lou Holtz once said there are two things everybody knows how to do--boil water and coach football. Apparently so.


Mudbug said...

Yo Bubba if you think last year was good wait till this year. How do you think Houston will top running off one of the best quarterbacks we every signed. A top receiver called it quits because Houston feed him a line of BS and on top of that all ,not some, but all the top recruits left the state. He replaced the offensive coordinator with the film boy for the Dallas cowboys. I can hardly wait. If HD was crying over a few articles from the state newspaper he will cry a flood with every major sports magazines more or less calling him a joke.

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Mudbug, Thanks for the comment and your opinion is as good as any. I do look forward to next year, and if injuries don't decimate this team, I will judge it on wins and losses-not what some major sports magazine says. If the wins aren't there then get rid of him. He's had ample opportunity to build this program. I'd be more concerned if he ran off McFadden and Jones. Maybe we should fire HDN and get somebody with a national championship on their resume. Maybe Danny Ford-oops, we ran him off. How about Lou Holtz? Heck we sent him packing too. When 10 wins creates this much of a firestorm, I don't believe coaching is the major problem. Finally, when you say David Lee is just a film boy,... well I'll just call that hyperbole.

CD said...

I am disappointed in your comments about Angel.

The first thing out of your keyboard is golfers are not athletes. Instead you should be saying "If Angel is 30 pounds overweight, chain smoking and still beats Tiger, imagine how good Angel could be if he would just get in shape and quit smoking."

It sounds like to me your a former football player that has issues with golfers (and probably all other non football players athletes).

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Bubba, I know for a fact that you have played many rounds of golf with more than one Angel Cabrera look alike. You have to admit that is was a lot more fun than playing with tiger.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Powers should make a full disclosure. He is the President of the Houston Nutt Fan Club. A close examination of the Nutt text messages releaved from FOIA demonstrate that Rep. Powers is as close to Nutt as that little reporter girl from NWA. I am more impressed with Rep. Powers public policy positions than his blind allegance to the Right Reverand Nutt.

David "Bubba" Powers said...

CD, Thank you for the comment. I think golfers at that level are amazing athletes. I was simply saying that the obvious difference between the two would give rise to the age old argument. All sports have their Cabrera's. Baseball had Fernando Valenzuela, David Wells and many more. Charles Barkley in basketball, and who will ever forget William "Refrigerator" Perry in football. Although, I will say you don't see many fat guys in soccer.

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Anonymous is correct-I've played plenty of fun rounds with Cabrera look-alikes. God bless em all.