Monday, December 3, 2007

Who's The Coach?

I don't have any idea who will end up calling the shots on the hill, but I can tell you I am impressed by the way that Reggie Herring has handled this very difficult situation. We tend to forget about what the players themselves have gone through with this coaching upheaval, and you just can't turn their emotions on and off like the proverbial faucet. But from what I've seen thus far, I think Reggie's going to have the Razorbacks ready to go on New Years day. Furthermore, if his team does show up big in the Cotton Bowl, I say give him every consideration for the head job. He may have earned that interview if he holds this team together. We could wait and see because of the dead period in recruiting, and I believe they're going to be relegated to an up and comer anyway. But you never know, Tommy Bowden is the name being thrown around today and Tuberville could get there yet.


Jerry said...

Is there any truth to the rumour that you have interviewed for the U of A Head Coach's position?

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Jerry, Thanks for your input, and please don't be so formal by adressing me as David. You can simply call me Bubba-King of the cake buyers. As for interviewing for the Arkansas job, Judge Culpepper has refused to take off my golden handcuffs, so I am resigned to remain with the Juvenile Court. But, if I were the coach, I would immediately hire Wally as both the offensive and defensive coordinator.