Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Support the 39th

As everyone knows, the 39th Brigade of the Arkansas National Guard, has been re-deployed to Iraq and will be leaving the states soon. Locally, the Family Readiness Group for Bravo Company, which includes Hope and Texarkana, is seeking donations to help with the Christmas going away party, to be held on December 21st. The FRG is made up of wives, mothers, grandmothers and children of the deployed soldiers. During the time their loved ones are gone, they send the soldiers care packages and coordinate activities for the families and provide whatever support is necessary. This is one group that truly deserves our thoughts,prayers and monetary help. They will be very appreciative for your kindness. To make a donation to the Family Readiness Group, send your check to: FRG, C/O Vicky Little, 500 West 23rd, Hope, Ar. 71801.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great plug Bubba. The 39th FRG can use every dime they can get.

Keep up the good work.

Rep. Jeff Wood