Friday, February 20, 2009

Ya Know What I'm Sayin

Maybe you do and maybe you don't, but it doesn't really matter since today I'm talking sports. Here's the deal (that may be my next catch phrase title): Rick Reilly of ESPN is doing a daily Mt. Rushmore of sports for each state. I haven't seen Arkansas's yet and I don't know what his criteria is for choosing, but I might as well weigh in. Here are the 4 people who I believe, should be on our Mt. Rushmore of sports.

Frank Broyles--Facilities, National championship and generally put the program on the map.
Brooks Robinson--Arguably greatest 3rd baseman of all time. No argument on defensive side.
Jermaine Taylor--Maybe, Maybe not, but only world champ from Arkansas.
Bear Bryant--Though Alabama will claim him, he rassled his bears in Fordyce.

Almost at the top: John McDonnell, Nolan Richardson,Sidney Moncrief, Dizzy Dean, Lance Alworth (I know he's from Mississippi), Lou Brock, and Clyde Scott. There you are. Not a definitive or empirical list, but it's mine. Maybe you have one too.


J. Tyler said...

Scottie Pippen?

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Excellent choice. I admit I forgot the one time UCA manager, and top 50 all time NBAer. He at minimum has to be close to the top, if not etched in the mountain.