Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Heard That

As I continue with another worn out catch phrase for my title, here's what I'm hearing:

AG Dustin McDaniel proposed marriage, on Valentine's Day no less, to Ms. Bobbi Fowler of Jonesboro. That should formally disqualify the General from any future appearances on ABC'S "The Bachelor". Though I'm pleased to announce the upcoming nuptials, I'm fairly embarrassed that I know which network airs "The Bachelor".

My seatmate and good friend, Rep. Steve Harrelson, apparently announced his run for a Senate seat last night on Jessica Dean's channel 7 webcast. The seat is currently held by Senator Barbara Horn who is term limited. Way to go Steve- Bustin' it out on the world wide web.

What a privilege to have the former President here yesterday. It was also good for my wife, who worked in the early Clinton campaigns and served for 12 years as a parole board appointee. She had not seen him since before he announced for the presidency, and she was able to have a nice visit after all those years. Afterwards, Vigi treated me to lunch and she sat in on yesterday's session. Late in the day we cruised out to Baby's R Us and bought out the store for our 13 month old great niece, Sandra Grace. We ended the day with dinner and friends at Brave New Restaurant. We headed home about 9:00 and this is what I heard: Honey, this was really a nice day. I agreed.

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