Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Balls Of Fire

Jerry Lee Lewis would have been proud if he'd been in the House chamber yesterday, cause there was a whole lotta debatin goin on. Primary seat belt laws and the national popular vote were the primary culprits. Lively, spirited and passionate certainly fill the bill for describing those two issues. I voted the seat belts up and the popular vote down, which gave me a 1-1 record as both bills passed out. The highlight for me came when a motion for immediate consideration by Rep. Sample was voted down and the fur kept flying. I've always thought there was too little debate on the floor and in plenty of cases in committee, so I think everybody, including the gallery, enjoyed the back and forth.

I ran my district court bill along with a foster care transition bill on the floor today and both passed easily, with the only two dissenters being on the court bill. I have a pretty good sized Juvenile bill yet to run, along with a few others, and the filing deadline comes up a week from Monday. Appropriation bills are due Monday and the only thing I have in the hopper there is a request for funding at UACCH.

I had talked about filing a constitutional amendement extending term limits in the House from 3 terms to 4. But in the end there were several of those types filed, so we'll see if anything makes it out.

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