Sunday, January 11, 2009

Packed and Ready for the 87th

I've said many times what an honor it is to serve our state in the General Assembly, and it's a responsibility I don't take lightly. Tomorrow gets things started when both the House and Senate get sworn in at noon. I've spent most of this Sunday packing and tying up loose ends at the office. The packing is about done, but I fear loose ends will remain. These next few months will be intense, and I suspect somebody's gonna get mad about a vote or position I take on any number of issues. It's the nature of the job and I'm ok with it as long as I've done my homework and reconcile my decisions with what I think is right. The economy, lottery, trauma centers, animal cruelty, grocery tax and so many other front burner issues wait to be turned inside out in the coming weeks; and I look forward to working with the newcomers, along with the veteran legislators, as Arkansas's 87th legislature goes to work. I'll also try to keep a regular update during my time in Little Rock.

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Jerry said...

Good Luck Bubba! We are behind you all the way.