Sunday, August 5, 2007

Power Plant Debate

I will be in Little Rock on Thursday to testify before the Public Service Commission and voice my support for the proposed AEP-SWEPCO power plant. There has been a great deal of media attention and blog space dedicated to this issue. As well there should be. The lines have been drawn in the sand for this debate and both sides are very passionate in their beliefs.
The intervenors, aka: the hunting clubs adjacent to the proposed site; are adamantly opposed to any type of coal fired plant being built on that property, if my e-mail from one of its members is any indication. They base their concerns on the belief of dire consequences to the ecological balance and environment in this area. Those in support of the project will point to the economic windfall this plant could bring to Southwest Arkansas. The PSC is saddled with the task of determining whether this project should and will proceed.
I have been inundated with people's opinions about this issue, and they are overwhelmingly in favor of the project. That is not to say they believe AEP-SWEPCO should be given free reign to do anything it wants without regard for state and federal guidelines. It is the job of the EPA, ADEQ, PSC and any other acronym out there that regulates this industry, to ensure SWEPCO'S adherence to the rules. There are high powered attorneys on both sides, so expect this to draw out a little longer.

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Razorbacker said...

Good for you David. This power plant needs to be built.

All the community leaders that belong to Grassy and Yellow Creek are letting the out of towners fight their fight because they don't have the backbone to publicly say they are against it.