Monday, August 13, 2007

Analyzing Iowa

As a Democratic loyalist, maybe I shouldn't be spouting opinions on the Republican presidential race. But since I am a good Democrat, I'm compelled to share ideas. Former Governor, Mike Huckabee's strong showing in the Iowa straw poll will obviously infuse some much needed money into his campaign. Although most folks I've talked with still think Huckabee has no chance to cop the nomination from Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani, I'm not so sure. First of all, I do believe when it's all said and done, Romney's religion will bother more than a small number of those very conservatives who the Republicans claim they are after. Even though he is smart, handsome and casts a nice shadow, (make no mistake, looks are critical, and you'd have to go back to William Howard Taft for a fat president), Romney will have to account for Huckabee's folksy charm, quick wit and ability to communicate. If any candidate benefitted from Iowa, it was Huckabee. There is no doubt our former Guv has miles to go before he's really in the thick of things, but I just don't see Giuliani gaining momentum. In fact, Huckabee may be the only one, other than Romney, going in the right direction. They would all do well not to underestimate the preacher/politician from Hope. If I were handicapping the Republican race at this point, (and apparently I am), I'd have to make Huck the solid 6-1 third choice in the program, with a lot of smart money coming his way late. We shall see. As for me, well, I'm a Democrat.


Mike R said...

Since you are a Democrat, why don't you handicap your race?

Or is that too sensitive a subject?

You might step on a constituent's toes if you give your opinion about your own nominee?

Is Obama black enough?

Can Hillary overcome her obvious huge negative percentage?

Can John truly find a quality hair cut?

Or did the cat get your tongue?

Your readers are waiting.

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Mike R,
Sheesh, what a mean spirited response to such an innocuous post. Maybe we should forget about analyzing Iowa and spend that couch time on analyzing you. It may save a small animal from being tortured someday. Relax and take a deep breath dude. As for handicapping the Democratic primary, I'll just compare it to the 72 Belmont and say Hillary wins by 32 lengths.

Mike BB said...

I saw where Hillary is having two fundraisers in the state at two separate personal residences. The names listed as residing in both houses had two different last names.

That causes me to ask is she still hanging around with her women libbers? In which case is it really Hillary Roddham running for President?

If it is not women libbers then are these two couples not married?

Thanks for your thoughts and your service to our community.

Anonymous said...

Are you intimidated by women who don't take their husband's last name? ;) Kaki Hockersmith happened to refurbish Clinton's boyhood home here in Hope -- don't you think it's okay if Hillary allow her to raise money for her campaign?

Mike BB said...

Certainly it is ok for her to raise money. It is a free country.

However, the point is how will it be perceived by MIDDLE AMERICA? MIDDLE AMERIA is who elects the president. Not Left wingers or Right wingers.

If you will recall, that Hillary Roddham thing is one of the items that got Bill thrown out of office the first time.