Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Don't Like Mike

Personally, I am sick of the Michael Vick saga. It's easy to say now, but I have always believed Vick was overrated as a player and it is now abundantly clear he was way overrated as a person. While the NFL and the Falcons tried to make him the poster boy for the league, you can look back and see way too many red flags. Starting with his self serving chest pounding after he does what he is paid extravagantly to do, which is to make plays, the immaturity shows through. Go back to the infamous Ron Mexico incident where he used that alias during sexual encounters that resulted in a venereal disease to several young ladies. There was also the incident during a playoff game a few years ago when the Falcons were behind late in the game and he refused to go back in because it was too cold and his team was behind. What about giving the finger to your own fans. Then you had the marijuana laced water bottle incident at the airport. Obviously, he was far too immature to handle the eye popping money and over the top idol worship that comes a professional athlete's way. So anyone who is surprised that Michael Vick bankrolled and took part in these despicable crimes, really had plenty of warning signs to defer annointing him the second coming of Jim Thorpe.


Rudy G. said...

Are you hoping the democrats that can't read type smaller than the headlines will think you're referring to Mike Huckabee as to redeem yourself for saying something nice about him once before?

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Now there's an angle I hadn't thought of. Thanks for the idea.