Friday, July 13, 2007

Turk Power Plant

There was a packed house last night at UACCH for the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality hearing on the proposed Turk Power Plant at Fulton. This hearing provided an opportunity for questions and public comment on the AEP-SWEPCO plant. There were plenty of both. Environmental concerns regarding the plants emissions of mercury and carbon dioxide were the focus of those who voiced opposition to the plant's construction. Economic opportunities was the basis of support for those in favor of the project. ADEQ and SWEPCO both had representatives there to answer questions. During the public comment section, Senator Horn and I both voiced our support for the plant's construction and operation. There is a great deal of passion on both sides of this issue, as I believe there should be. Questions about the environmental safety and quality should continue to be asked. AEP-SWEPCO and ADEQ should continue to provide the answers. I belive the company should and will be held to the state and federal standards regarding emissions and air quality. But to suggest that AEP pull up stakes and ditch this project without going through the entire process of checks and balances, is not a viable option in my opinion.

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Bob said...

Who were the people fighting this progress for our community? A bunch of Tree Huggers? Or was it a group of rich people with hunting clubs that come to our community a few times a year and then goes back to there home where they allow the same type of progress in their community without so much as a peep. This plant needs to be built.
Thanks for listening.