Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John Madden Got It Right

I may not hate to fly as much as the former Raiders coach, but I'm not far from it. In my case it's not the fear of flying, it's more the discomfort of flying. I just want to know who designed the seats in an airplane. I'm guessing that one of Judy Garland's munchkins went on to bigger and better things after the Wizard of Oz to became an aeronautical design engineer; whatever that is. Nobody I know fits comfortably in one of those seats. For sure I don't. Now let me be the first to admit, I'm what the old folks would call big boned. I could stand to lose a few. But jiminy christmas-- I'll never be 5' 8' 145 lbs. Seems to me that a guy could make some money with an airline that caters to those of us with the larger frames. All I need now are some deep pocket investors to realize my new business dream--"Big Butt Airlines."

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cwk said...

Bubba, I hate to bust your bubble, but there already is such a thing in the airline business but it comes with a price. It's called 'first class'.