Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

Here's a question for you. Do they still teach kids roman numerals? If they do, then most of the young whippersnappers will know this is the 42nd Super Bowl. If they don't, then those same whippersnappers will have to come to me, or a reasonable facsimile, to know what the archaic lettering means. They may be able to program a VCR, (which is obsolete anyway) and listen to music on any of those new fangled i-pods and mp3's, but thanks to my grade school teachers, I know the secrets of roman numerals, and I ain't telling any of them.

I know they don't care which Super Bowl this is, so I doubt my information is very valuable. Oh well. Now to the predicting. Expect a close game. Here's why. New England has created this perfect season not so much with superior talent, as with superior execution and a minimum of mistakes. As a result, it has led to record setting performances by Brady and Moss and brought them to the brink of history that only the 72 Dolphins can relate. The Patriots will perform well because they have to win this game to become a part of NFL lore. Having said all that, I believe the game will be close for many reasons. Number 1 is simply as you look back over the previous 3 Patriot Super Bowl wins, they did so by the skin of their teeth. Remember the Rams, Eagles and Panthers. Each game came down to the final minutes and both the Panthers and Eagles were big underdogs. Secondly, the Giants have used much the same recipe as the Patriots by limiting turn-overs and playing good defense. Eli has not turned the ball over in the play-offs and if that happens today then we'll see a good game. So what's the score?

The Patriots complete their historic 19-0 season and squeak by the Giants 30-24. Kevin Faulk, the superb 3rd down back, will walk away with the MVP, and Tom Brady walks away with a fourth ring and a supermodel girlfriend. Now I gotta go, because the most important part of Super Bowl Sunday is here---the Super pre-game meal.


4rilla said...

Patriots 38
Giants 23

Chris said...

Looks like you and I were both wrong. However, it was a great game if you are a football fan. So many of the Super Bowls are over by halftime.

By the way the question you tried to ask is "Do they teach Latin in schools anymore?" Not Roman Numerals. And the answer is predominately, no.

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Chris, I can't let you off that easy. You surely remember arguing with me when I warned of a Giants upset. You said, and I'll quote, "They'll go down like a one egg pudding". Or maybe you recall "The NYG's have no chance". Although I did pick the Patriots to squeak out a win; to my knowledge, Nostradamus and myself were the only two prognosticators giving the Giants a shot. I also appreciate your willingness to set me straight on the Roman Numerals. Speaking of Latin, your personal take on the Giants Super Bowl chances reminds me of a very special phrase from that dead language--Non impediti ratione congitatonis.

Chris said...

I prefer the phrase "non quis sed quid."