Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's A Wrap

The 3 day special session came to a formal close this morning, and the Governor signed the severance tax bill into law at 1:00 this afternoon. The called press conference for the bill signing produced an overflow crowd at the Capitol. The Governor fielded questions after the formalities were completed, and related his philosophy that the proceeds of the highway severance money should, for the most part, follow the cars. In other words, high traffic areas will have the inside track. Rules and regulations will be developed over the coming months to determine how and where the money will be spent. Well, my first special session is history and everything went smoothly. All is done here and if nobody minds, I'll stand adjourned.


Larry said...

Hey Bub,
Does this mean it is going to be spent on the Interstate? Or will it really go to the state roads?
Thanks for all your hard work. That shine looked good at the presser.

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Larry, Thanks for checking in and I agree that the bald head stands out in a crowd. I wouldn't have it any other way. As far as where the money will go, that hasn't been pinpointed as of yet. My gut feeling is that much of the severance money will end up on state highways. But I don't know for sure. We'll find out more in the coming weeks as the rules and regs are set up.

Anonymous said...


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