Monday, January 28, 2008

And The Winner is....

Just a week away from Super Tuesday and your guess is as good as mine. This has been the most topsy turvy campaign season in my memory, and just when you've got it figured, well you don't. Great fun for political junkies though. Can Hillary rebound from South Carolina? Is our former Governor's momentum slowing to a crawl? Can the bonafide hero hold off the well monied governor? I can't say anything for sure except you better not count anybody out. Not even the Giants on Sunday. It's been that crazy of a year.


Chris said...

There you go with the Giants again! Give it up. They are going down like a one egg pudding!

Betting on the Giants is like betting on Hillary.

Quit drinking that punch!

David "Bubba" Powers said...

Chris, Not a good comparison. Hillary didn't start off as the 12 point underdog.