Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Power Plant News

As mentioned in an earlier post, I drove to Northwest Arkansas on Monday and toured the Flint Power Plant, which is a coal fired facility. Flint was built in 1978 and 30 years later it is still providing electricity with no signs of environmental damage. In fact, a panoramic view of the surrounding area shows a breathtaking snapshot of lakes and woodlands anyone could appreciate. I also toured the wild bird conservatory adjoining the plant site and noticed birds and plants in abundance with no discernable distress. The most encouraging thing I saw was the outstanding school facilities for this small town of less than 4000 people. No signs of smog, coal dust or anything remotely close to what the intervenors have been trying to convey to the PSC. The environment has continued to thrive and co-exist with the SWEPCO plant in Gentry, and I didn't see anything to indicate that the Turk plant will not be as good and assuredly better.

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Jerry said...

That is great news. Thanks for sharing your insight. So often people use scare tactics just to get their way.